Their eyes were watching God

“Us colored folks is too envious of one ‘nother. Dat’s how come us don’t git o further than us do. Us talks about de white man keepin’ us down! Shucks! He don’t have tuh. Us keeps our own selves down.” Chapter 5

Coker is making an observation, noting that white people are not solely to blame for the degradation of black people. He believes that blacks play a role but hindering one another through means of gossip and envy. Black people do not want to see one another do better, this jealousy is the bane of progression. This is stood out to me because Hurston has been quoted saying she is not “tragically black”. She did not see blackness, nor the conditions it created to be a death sentence, or social imprisonment. She felt black had the opportunity to create resources and proliferate them. This passage seems to be the representation of an actual conversation she has had or a rhetoric she has heard in conversation when discussing her beliefs.

Question: Does her writing suggest and inclination towards her own beliefs? Does he novel add to this conversation about the self destructive manners of blacks?

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