Peter Walsh’s Mind Read in Mrs. Dalloway

“Mrs. Burgess, a good sort and no chatterbox, in whom he had confided, thought this absence of his in England, ostensibly to see lawyers might serve to make Daisy reconsider, think what it meant.” (157, Harcourt)

This sentenceĀ is quite confusing, as it is Peter Walsh’s thought about a time when he had talked to Mrs. Burgess about what she had thought about Daisy. I think that this sentence really draws on the issue of validity in the novel because it is a literal he-said, she-said, and then she-said moment. There is a lot of inference about something that Peter remembers, not even something that is happening during this day. As a reader, the context of the passage is confusing and if one isn’t paying attention, it might be assumed that the thought and narration has switched over to Mrs. Burgess but in actuality it is still Peter. This draws on how the mind works as a train of thought moves from one memory, to one person, to another with very little transition or signposting.