Nightwood/Historical Timeline

“He remarked, and why he did not know, that by weeping she appeared like a single personality who, by multiplying her tears, brought herself into the position of one who seen twenty times in twenty mirrors–still only one, but many times distressed.”

Barnes, Djuna. Nightwood. New Directions, 1937. Print. 81.

In this passage, a strange comparison is being made in regard to the emotion that is being felt.  It sounds as though he feels that her crying is pointless, in a way, but also adds to the emotion she is feeling.


Historical timeline…

Focusing on four of my previous posts, I observed that in the texts we have read, they are full of descriptions and FID.  In The Beast in the Jungle and the Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, the descriptions in both text are so rich that they give a deeper level of emotion to the text than what is seen on the surface.  Then, in texts like Mrs. Dalloway and Untouchable, free indirect discourse guides the texts deeper understanding by allowing more room for the texts to be pushed upon and infer deeper meanings.