Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

“His throat ached with a desire to cry aloud, the cry of a hawk or eagle on high, to cry piercingly of his deliverance to the winds. This was the call of life to his soul not the dull gross voice of the world of duties and despair, not the inhuman voice that had called him to the pale service of the altar. An instant of wild flight had delivered him and the cry of triumph which his lips withheld cleft his brain.”

I chose this quotation from the last few pages of chapter 4 because of what had just happened before Stephen says this. Stephen saw this little girl after he decided to turn down priesthood. In doing so, Stephen is almost lost and doesn’t know what to do now that he has given up his religious devotion. ┬áThis girl came as a sign to him, to cherish all that is around him and to celebrate life.


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