Nightwood/historical timeline

“This memory and the handkerchief that accompanied it had wrought in Guido (as certain flowers brought to a pitch of florid ecstasy no sooner attain their specific type than they fall into its decay) the sum total of what is the jew. He had walked, hot, incautious and damned, his eyelids quivering over the thick eyeballs, black with the pain of a participation that, four centuries later, made him a victim”

Barnes, Djuna. Nightwood. New York: Norton, 2006. pg 4

Throughout the course their has been a recurring theme of people being left behind by the forces of social progress. In The Heart of Darkness we see how social progress can be a danger to the people who society defines as primitive. In As I Lay Dying we see a divide between the more developed settlements and the underdeveloped rural areas and we see how this dived can be used to exploit people from the less developed area. In The Untouchable we see how even a force of positive social progress like Gandhi’s revolution can still leave people behind. In Their Eyes Were Watching God we see how little social progress does for the people that a society forgets. In Nightwood we see this as well.

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