“Robin was outside the ‘human type’—a wild thing caught in a woman’s skin, monstrously alone, monstrously vain”


A common theme in this book is lonesomeness and separation.  A person being outside of the human type isn’t something natural to say.  Being caught in the skin of something that they’re socially supposed to be isn’t seemingly natural.  It even says that’s she’s monstrously alone.  This sentence alone, and I’ve noticed other people commonplaced this same one, is extremely telling in that it opens us up to the complete separation from the norm being experienced here.    Someone else wrote about how closely this “outside the human type” is related to that of the Untouchables.  But you can find that person on the outs in pretty much everything we’ve read in this class, from Darl in his family to Nick in the woods alone after coming home from war.

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