Mental Illness in Mrs.Dalloway

“Lucezia Warren Smith, sitting by her husband’s side on a seat in Regent’s Park in the Broad Walk, looked up. ‘look, look, Septimus!’ she cried. For Dr. Holmes had told her to make her husband (who had nothing whatever seriously the matter with him but was a little out of sorts) take interest in things outside himself.”

Septimus is one of my favorite characters in this story, because while everyone elses issues seem to be on the outside, and mostly social in nature, his is truly a mental illness. His story line proves to be one of the least superficial, and it’s interesting to see the beginning of contrast between him and the other characters in this passage. The way his wife considers his condition, and goes about trying to fix it seems trivial and selfish, as the tone here almost makes it seem as though he is choosing to be this way, especially with the last few lines.

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