Malgudi Day’s

“Swaminathan fled from the place. As soon as Swami went home with the letter, father
remarked : ” I knew you wouldn’t deliver it, you coward.”
” I swear our headmaster is on leave,” Swaminathan began.
Father replied : ” Don’t lie in addition to being a coward. . . .”
Swami held up the envelope and said : ” I will give this to the headmaster as soon as
he is back. . . .”
Father snatched it from his hand, tore it up, and thrust it into the wastepaper basket
under his table. He muttered : ” Don’t come to me for help even if Samuel
throttles you. You deserve your Samuel” (Narayan, Father’s Help, 91).


This ending really stuck out as a powerful and highly satirical if not ironic ending. Swami endured a punishment because he thought that getting a teacher fired endorsed punishment from that teacher but in the end nothing changed and he was punished wrongly again. Perhaps though, reading into it a little, that which scared Swami about being publicly humiliated was now conquered by being punished for nothing and inciting that punishment. Simply put, Swami conquered his fears by inciting them himself.

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