“Karintha is a women, and she has a child. A child fell out of her womb onto a bed of pine-needles in the forest. Pine-needles are smooth and sweet. They are elastic to the feet of rabbits… A sawmill was nearby. Its pyramidal sawdust pile smouldered. It is a  year before one completely burns. Meanwhile, the smoke curls up and hangs in odd wraiths about the trees, curls up, and spreads itself out over the valley… Weeks after Karintha returned home the smoke was so heavy you tasted it in water. Some one made a song:

Smoke is on the hills. Rise up.

Smoke is on the hills.

O rise And take my soul to Jesus. ”


Karintha seems to excite young and older men. I feel like she just had a child by a man with whom she probably doesn’t even know or maybe doesn’t even know the father. Since this was fraud upon back then it seems like she didn’t want to keep it. When it says the child fell out of her womb and onto the pile of pine-needles it means she purposely did that. Then talks about burning which I think means she might have set the baby on fire. Then the song that someone created seems like it could be talking about the death of the baby and taking its soul to heaven or even Karintha’s soul because having a child and killing it could signify that she’s losing it and wishing her soul was with Jesus instead.

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