Common place and mind read

“Suppose he had had that passion, and had gone to Sir William Bradshaw, a great doctor yet to her obscurely evil, without sex or lust, extremely polite to women, but capable of some indescribable outrage – forcing your soul, that was it – if tis young man had gone to him, and Sir William had impressed him, like that, with his power, might he not have said (indeed she felt it no), Life is made more intolerable; they make life intolerable, men like that?” (Woolf, 180)

In this very long sentence Clarissa is thinking about what would have happened if perhaps Septimus had thought differently and was able to have met Bradshaw and have his thoughts influenced and changed by him.  It seems as though Clarissa is trying to find a way to understand why Septimus thought the way he did and why this led to his suicide. Had Septimus been able to go to Sir William Bradshaw and speak to him and become impressed by him would he have still committed suicide? Might he not have said then that life was intolerable and something he needed an escape from? These are the thoughts Clarissa is having based on the thoughts she wonders Septimus had.

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