“Beast In the Jungle” – Henry James

“He circled about it at a distance that alternately narrowed and widened and that still wasn’t much affected by the consciousness in him that there was nothing she could “know,” after all, any better than he did. She had no source of knowledge he hadn’t equally—except of course that she might have finer nerves. That was what women had where they were interested; they made out things, where people were concerned, that the people often couldn’t have made out for themselves.”

I found that this excerpt says a lot about James’ opinion of gender differences and discrepancies. It is interesting to me that while he states that he does not believe women to “know” any more than a man does, he also states that they are often very intuitive and can know things about people that they often don’t know themselves.

Excerpt From: James, Henry. “The Beast in the Jungle.” Feedbooks, 1903. iBooks.
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