as i lay dying

“A feather dropped near the front door will rise and brush along the ceiling, slanting backward, until it reaches the down-turning current at the back door: so with voices. As you enter the hall, they sound as though they were speaking out of the air about your head”

William Faulkner. As I Lay Dying. (New York: Vintage International, 1985).

From Darl’s point of view, he’s thinking about how voices and whispers carry through the hallways of his house. provides a very graceful depiction of voices, whispers, that are carried through the halls of the house. starkly contrasts that of jewel’s point of view in the previous section. he’s full of anger. his words do not match darl’s descriptions. it is metaphorically compared to a feather that will “rise and brush along the ceiling”. almost no sound, not affecting the movement of anything around it. affected by the slightest of “tilts”. Darl’s description of this scene makes him seem a little more sensitive than his siblings. maybe little more easily affected by the things happening around him?

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